Engine Parts

Engine Parts: Alternator, (Bearing Set: Camshaft), (Bearing Set: Crankshaft), (Bearing: Connecting Rod), (Bearing: Sproket), (Bolt: Crankshaft Bearing), (Brushing: Connecting Rod), Camshaft, Carburetor, Chain P.T.O

Others: Connecting Rod, Connecting Rod Bolt, Crankshaft, Crankshaft Pulley, Cyclinder Body, Cylinder, Cylinder Head, Cylinder Head Bolt, Cylinder Liner, Cylinder Liner Assy, Cylinder Liner Set, Distributor, Filters, Flywheel Bolt, Flywheel and GearRing, Fuel Cut Solenoid, Fuel Pump, Gasket Head, Gear, Glow Plug, Head Rotor, Ignition Wire Set, Injection Pump, Injection Pum & Drive Shaft, Inlet / exhaust Valve, (Lifter: Valve), Nozzles, Oil Dipstick, Oil Pressure Switch, Oil Pump, (Oil Seal: Front Cran), (Oil Seal: Rear Cran), Oil Sump, Piston, Piston Pin, Poston Ring Set, Priming Pump, (Repair Kit: Engine Overhaul), Rocker Arm, (Rubber: Engine Stand), Seat Intake Exaust Valve, Starter, Tensioner, Thurst Washer Set, Timing Case, Valve Guide, Valve Seal


Transmission Parts

Transmission Parts: (Bearing: Clutch Release), (Bolt: Hub), Charging Pump, Clutch Disc, Clutch Seal Ring

Others: Control Valve, Differential Gears, Drive Unit Assy, Friction Plate & Sepalator Plate, Gearbox, Hub, (Hub: Clutch Release), Hydraulic Vlutch Release, Inching Valve, Oil Seal, (Oil Seal: Transmission), (Plate: Input), (Repair Kit: Transmission), {Ring Gear & Pinion Set: Differential), (Rubber Mount: Transmission), Shaft, Cupping Shaft Drive, (Shaft-assy: Propeller), (Switch Valve: Gears), Synchrinizer Assy & Sunchronizer Ring, Torque Converter, Torque Converter Seal Kit, Transmission Assy, Transmission Gears, (Yoke: Clutch)


Hydraulic Parts

Hydraulic Parts: Control Valve and Repair Kit

Others: Hydraulic Pump, (Drive Assy: Oil Pump), (Orbitrol: Repair Kit), Cut Valve, Flow Regulator, Hose High /LowPressure


Steering Parts

Steering Parts: Actuator, Rear Axle Assy, (Bushing: Thrust Bearing), Steering Alex, Steering Cyliner and Repair Kit

Others: Knuckle & Nut, (Repair Kit: King Pin), Needle Bearing, Thrust Bearing , Oil Seal, Knuckle, (Shim: Knuckle), (Lock Pin: Knuckle), Motor, King Pin, (Link: Steering), (Pin: Steering), (Collar: Steering Link), (Hub: Steering), (Rim: Rear Wheel), (Oil Seal: Hub), (Bolt: Hub), (Cap: Hub), Arm Center, (Repair Kit: Center Arm), (Pin: Center Arm), Tie Rod End, Steer Axle Bushing, Steering Column, (Joint: Universal), Steering Shaft


Brake Parts & Clutch Parts

Brake Parts & Clutch Parts: (Pin: Anchor), Brake and Repair Kit

Others: Brake Shoe, (Drum: Brake & Hub), Hub , Rim, Master Cylinder, Wheel Cylinder, (Pipe: Brake), Wheel Brake Assy, (Cable: Parking Brake), (Tank: Reserve), (Booster: Clutch), (Cylinder: Clutch Release)


Mast Parts

Mast Parts: Pulley, (Tilt Cylinder: Assy), (Seal Kit: Tilt Cylinder)

Others: (Piston Rod: Tilt Cylinder), (Head: Tilt Cylinder), Tilt Cylinder Pin, (Rod Head and Bearing: Tilt Cylinder), Lift Cylinder Assy, (Seal Kit: Lift Cylinder), Mast Roller & Sleeve, Chain, Lift Chain, Mast Bushing, (Shim: Mast), Fork & Pin



Filters: Air Filter, Oil Filter

Others: Fuel Filter, Priming Pump, Sensor, Transmission Filter, Strainer, (Filter: Hyd Suction), Engine Oil


Cooling Parts

Cooling Parts: Water Pump, Radiator

Others: Radiator Cap, Hose, Fan Blade, Fan Belt, (Pulley: Fan), (Water Temp: Sender), Thermostat, (Outlet Water & Housing: Thermostat)


Chassis Parts & Others

Chassis Parts & Others: Seat, Roller, Pedal Accelerator, Brake Clutch

Others: Spring, Brake, Clutch, Accelerator Cable, Wire, Inching, Wire Assy, Shift, Wire, Engine Hood, Mirror, Gas Spring, Control Lever Knob, (Cap: Fuel Tank), (Cap: Horn)


Electrical Parts

Electrical Parts: Bulb, (Buzzer: Back), Combination Lamp Switch, Combination Meter Assy, Battery Size 120 x 7 maintenance free

Others: (Sensor Assy: Wheel Angle), Forward & Reverse Switch, Oil Level Sensor, Head Lamp, Lgnition Switch, Wire Harness, Front Combination Lamp, Stop Lamp Switch, Front Combination Lamp, Rear Combination Lamp, Relay, Fuse Box, Horn, QOS Timer, PCB Circuit Board & Meter Core, Combination Switch, Strobe Lamp

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- Prices range from S$ 500 - S$ 1,200
- Prices depend on type of industries usage
- Transportation fee waive for rental 3 months and above